Using the latest premium Dermal Filler, we are able to provide and achieve the best facial aesthetic results possible. Dermal Fillers are temporary and biodegrable within the body. On average Lip Fillers can last between 6-9 months and Facial Fillers 9-12 months.
The best result appears over time with recurring treatments and you may need more than one to achieve your desired result.
Following a full consultation, the treatment begins by numbing the chosen area to be treated. Once numbing cream has been resting on the skin for 20 minutes, we then remove it and can commence treatment.


High Purity Hyaluronic Acid
REVOLAX™ uses non-animal based hyaluronic acid with high purity and is a completely natural substance optimized to synchronise with human skin tissue.

Unique Cross-linked HA Technology
REVOLAX™ has a unique cross linking technology that does not need free hyaluronic acid to adjust the physical property of its gel formula.
High Visco-elasticity is one of REVOLAX™ stand-out properties. This malleable consistency creates immediate and long lasting volume and also allows the product to break down evenly with a natural finish.

Highly consistent Mono-phasic Structure
REVOLAX™’s is comprised of a regular and dense monophasic structure, which makes the gel product stable and consistent. The consistency of the pattern allows for naturally harmonized volume, smooth injection and promotes a stronger support system within the skins structure. Revolax’s dense and regular patterns, unlike most other HA Monophasic fillers, make the structure more solid and durable whilst maintaining viscosity and elasticity. The product has been designed to appear natural looking over the full course of time up until the point that it is fully absorbed into the skin.

Low Phase Angle %
REVOLAX™ has a low percentage of product migration, meaning that once injected the product is more likely to stay close to the injection site with accuracy.

Since its launch in 2012, Revolax has gained fast ground to become one of the leading dermal fillers in the market. With pioneering cross linking technology and a unique consistency and stability, it is easy to see how it has made such an impact within the Asian market.
As worldwide leaders within the cosmetic industry, you can expect the staple high quality standards, in all areas of the manufacturing process and product itself. Something that is reinforced by ISO1509001 + ISO15013485:2012 quality standards and independent scientific trial data.
Revolax has a stringent quality check process that completely removes all traces of the crosslinking agent BDDE from the finished product, through its rigorous dialysis process. Revolax are continuously innovating to ensure continued development and progression within the product line.
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