FAQ's & Terms & Conditions

  1. How long does SPMU last?
    We recommend all clients to have an annual top-up however as a general rule, machine implanted Micropigmentation lasts slightly longer than Microblading. Machine top-ups are estimated between 12-18 months before natural fading begins to occur. Microblading is from 6-9 months although many clients still only have an annual top-up. I offer prices from 6 months to accommodate this.
  2. Does it hurt?
    No, the initial feeling is similar to an uncomfortable itch rather than any actual pain. A medicated numbing cream is applied to the area before and a gel anaesthetic during the treatment, preventing any pain whilst the pigment is being implanted. Every client receives a brand new stress ball to keep and to take your mind away.
  3. Are your pigments safe?
    All pigments I use have undergone rigorous tests by all EU Health and Safety boards to ensure they comply with regulations. They are classed as European pharmaceutical grade pigments and are hypo-allergic. These pigments are derived from natural iron oxides are non-toxic.
  4. What machine do you use?
    The machine I use has been created by Finishing Touches and is one of the best Micro needling machines on the market. The Precision Plus System uses a combination of interchangeable needles which can be specifically tailored to create the desired effect and design as well as adapted for sensitive, dry, oily or normal skin.
  5. Do I need a patch test?
    As a norm I do not carry out patch tests due to the extremely high quality of the pigments I use. They have all been tested to meet the highest EU regulations. I can do patch tests on anyone who requests one and I would recommend if you have had any previous reactions to hair dyes or henna to have a patch test, although no pigments used contain PPD.
  6. Will my eyebrows be scary?
    Your brows will be darker directly after treatment however as they heal they will lighten anywhere from 30-70%. Whilst they may be a tad darker than you may like they will lighten to the desired shade we have agreed upon during your consultation at your first appointment.
Cancellation Policy
Clients have the right to cancel their appointment up to 48 hours before treatment and re-arrange your appointment to another date without charge.
Cancelling your appointment less than 48 hours before will result in a cancellation charge of £25 being required to re-book.
Non-Refundable Booking Fee Policy
A non-refundable booking fee will be taken when booking any treatment with us. This will be redeemable against the cost of your treatment and the remaining balance will be due on the date of your first appointment. Please contact us for further information on payment.

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Payment Plans
We do offer a payment plan whereby you can book your treatment a few months in advance and then make monthly payments towards it. You can decide how much you wish to pay a month however your treatment must be paid in full before you can have it. For more information on this please contact us.